Born in Halifax and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, David developed his fascination with the power of makeup at an early age by watching old black and white horror movies on TV. To develop his skills and to learn more, David moved to Vancouver. He quickly found work as a teacher at the Blanche Mac Donald School of Makeup, and then he started working for the Vancouver magazine. Over the years, David’s career has grown, not by ambition but by the need to learn everything to be a better makeup artist. This brought David to Milan, Italy in 1995. After three months of model testing and other photo shoots, a photographer brought David to the Green Apple agency. In 2001, David caught the attention of Pat MacGrath. Since then, David has been her regular collaborator on fashion shows and photo shoots. His work ethic and willingness to find a solution that best suits his client’s needs have him in high demand and flying all over the world.

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